Actuator Mounting Brackets & Accessories

  • Actuator Mounting Brackets & Accessories
There are many different types of accessories that are used with actuators of all types.  Most of these accessories are associated with how the actuator is mounted in the machine and how the moving mechanisms are attached to the actuator.  Each of the manufacturers that we represent make their own brackets and accessories but in many cases any of these products can be used on competitive units as long as the hole diameters or rod threads match.  In the case of NFPA or ISO standardized cylinders, the mounting brackets and rod attachments will be interchangeable between brands.
Correctly mounting an actuator to match the application will extend the life of the actuator because it will provide the properly alignment and freedom of movement when necessary.   Mounting bracket styles include clevis brackets, trunnion brackets, foot brackets, pivot brackets, flange brackets, stop collars, and mounting blocks.  Clevis brackets and pivot brackets require the use of pins and some method of securing the pin such as clips or cotter pins.  In most cases whenever the cylinder will be allowed to rotate there will be some type of bushings that will support the pins and extend the life.  For foot brackets there will be a nut that matches the mounting threads on the actuators.  The threaded portion of the cylinder is put through the bracket and then the nut is tightened to secure the actuator.  If using foot brackets in long cylinder stroke applications then it is a good practice to mount the actuator on both ends.
Rod attachments are the devices that attach the machine’s moving mechanism to the cylinder rod.  These include alignment couplers, rod pivots (rod eyes), rod clevis, and spherical rod eyes.  Alignment couplers allow both lateral and rotational movement which will help extend the life of an actuator by eliminating excessive wear due to misalignment. 

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Actuator Accessories

  • All of the manufacturers that we represent precision machine their mounting accessories.
  • Most mounting accessories are available in a variety of materials to match your application environment whether simply your average industrial environment or a corrosive environment like in a wash down food production area.
Provoast Automation Controls maintains a large inventory or mounting accessories so you never have to worry about any last minute project requirements.  Contact us or give us a call at any of our offices.
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