Linear Decelerator & Shock Absorber Accessories

  • Linear Decelerator & Shock Absorber Accessories
Since Shock Absorbers are often handling high impact loads it is critical that they are mounted properly.  This requires the use of the proper mounting brackets and components such as locking nuts to make sure that the shock is secured in place.  If shocks are improperly applied and the piston is allowed to bottom out it will result in premature failure of the shock.  The use of Positive Stop Collars and Mounting Stop Collars will eliminate this potential over stroking problem.  When your application involves high rates it may be necessary to utilize external Air-Oil Tanks to dissipate the heat properly.   Nylon rod buttons can minimize noise and extend the life of the striking mechanism by preventing “peening” due to repetitive cycling. 

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Linear Decelerator & Shock Absorber Accessories

  • Enertrols makes a wide variety of accessories for the various sizes and configurations of their Shocks.  
  • You can download the Enertrols sizing program by visiting their website.
  • Cad drawings are readily available on the Enertrols website in a variety of formats.
  • Large inventory of Shock Absorber Accessories readily available.  
It is important that your shock absorber be mounted securely.  There are a wide variety of methods that can be used that will best fit your machine.  Let us help you select the best solution. Contact Us.
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