Linear Decelerators & Shock Absorbers

  • Linear Decelerators & Shock Absorbers
Moving components on a machine create kinetic energy that needs to be reduced to acceptable levels when the mechanism reaches its end of stroke and needs to be stopped.  The higher the weight or the faster it is moving results in greater kinetic energy that needs to be dealt with.  A failure to take the kinetic energy of the moving mechanism into consideration will result in premature failure of the driving component or the machine mechanism itself.  It can also result in unsafe conditions which could lead to operator injury.  Linear Decelerators, also known as Shock Absorbers, will dissipate the kinetic energy of the moving load safely which will result in longer life and in many instances higher production rates because you will be able to move the loads faster than you can when a Shock Absorber is not used.     
Linear Decelerators can be used with any type of actuator whether pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric.  Most shocks consist of a piston and rod assembly that forces hydraulic fluid through metered orifices as the shock is stroked.  This results in a smooth controlled deceleration as the load is brought to a stop.  
Gas Springs are used to control the motion for lids, hatches, machine guards, panels and more.  They assist the operator by helping to balance the load and also to prevent the door or lid from slamming down in an unsafe motion.  They will typically have much longer strokes than a Shock

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Linear Decelerators & Shock Absorbers

  • Enertrols makes Shock Absorbers in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.  
  • Enertrols Miniature shocks are all designed with built in stop collars to prevent the possibility of damaging the shock by over stroking it.
  • Enertrols makes shocks that can handle kinetic energies from 9.0 inch lbs up to 1,600,000 inch lbs.  Regardless of your application we will have a shock for you.
  • Large inventory of Shock Absorbers and Gas Springs readily available.
Sizing a shock properly for the application and be a difficult process even with the Sizing software available now.  We can help your machine run longer and faster by making sure that shock absorbers are properly applied. Contact Us.
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