Filter/Regulator Combination Units & FRL Assemblies

  • BCFDR70-3 Filter Regulator
  • Qube Assembly
    Qube Assembly
  • 380 view
    380 view
Combination Filter/Regulator units are designed to save physical space by locating a regulator directly on top of the filter.  This generally will cut the physical width requirements in half but they will increase the overall height of the units.  All of the standard options that are available for regulators and filters are readily available on combination Filter/Regulator units.  These include different pressure ranges, gauges, filter elements, drains, bowl styles and sizes. To learn more about filters and regulators you can visit those sections on our website.
 Filters, regulators, and lubricators are commonly connected together with pipe fittings.  All of the FRL manufacturers that we represent have modular designs that utilize connectors between units that are secure and air tight.  The advantage of this type of design is that you can they are more compact and they allow for removal of a unit for replacement without having to disconnect the whole assembly.  The manufacturers that we represent all have single part number designations for assemblies to make ordering easier.  

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Combination Filter/Regulators & FRL Assemblies

  • Combination Filter/Regulators available ranging from #10-32 to 2” NPT ports and in Metric.
  • Combination Filter/Regulators that can provide the precision necessary down to 1/4 psi accuracy.
  • Combination Filter/Regulators that come with a variety of mounting and gauge options.
  • Large quantity of Combination Filter/Regulators in our inventory in our warehouse to meet your needs.
Let our Value Added Department put together your FRL assemblies.  They will come to you “Plug & Play” so there is no assembly labor to be done when you receive it.  Let our specialists create a Bill Of Material and give you a quote. Contact us if you have any questions.
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