Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL) Accessories

  • FRL Accessories
There are a wide variety of accessories available for FRL’s to make them easy to mount and use.  These accessories range from mounting brackets, modular connectors, additional modular ports, and drain kits.  These types of accessories are generally manufacturer specific and cannot be interchanged with competitive FRL manufacturer accessories. 
Other types of FRL accessories include pressure switches, main air lockout valves, and soft start valves.  These accessories are generally ported and can be used with competitive products are as stand-alone components.  Lockout valves are used on the main airline as mechanical shutoff valves that allow for the use of a padlock to prevent the accidental air turn on during maintenance procedures on a machine.  Soft start valves are used during initial start up to prevent compressed air from rushing into a machine which may cause damage.  Pressure builds up slowly until approximately 50 psi and then the soft start valve opens fully to provide full flow.   

Provoast Automation Controls FRL Accessories

  • Modular FRL designs utilize connectors between individual components that make overall assembly dimensions smaller.
  • Sometimes applications require more outputs then just a single outlet.  All of our FRL manufacturers have additional output blocks which allow you to do things like have a source of un-lubricated air available before the lubricator.
  • Provoast Automation Controls maintains a large inventory of brackets and accessories for all of the FRL products we represent.
Having poor air quality in your facility is going to be detrimental to the performance of your pneumatic industrial components.  The factor trained specialists from Provoast Automation Controls are available to analyze your current system and make recommendations for improvements, just contact us.
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