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The fastest changing aspects of industrial automation involve the electrical control of machines, a practice often referred to as “mechatronic automation”. Just like consumer electrical products such as tablets and TVs that seem to have technology advancements every few months, the advancements in electronic industrial automation components are rapidly changing. If you are not involved with the design of industrial controls for machines on a daily basis like we are, it can be a daunting task to pick the right components.

Much of the development in mechatronic automation deals with: 1) easier ways to hook up and control the components on manufacturing machines, and 2) providing feedback on machine operation performance to the statistical control systems that are present in many modern manufacturing facilities. 
Serial communication allows users to control and receive feedback from numerous electronic components through a single cable as opposed to having to individually hardwire all of the components back to the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). HMI (Human Machine Interface) devices like touchscreens are getting bigger, with higher resolution, more color options, and lower prices all the time. PLC development has progressed just like computers in that they are getting smaller with more outputs and memory. 
Another area of mechatronic automation that is developing rapidly is the ability to remotely control and monitor machines. Imagine being able to make machine adjustments or troubleshoot problems on a machine located anywhere in the world from your smartphone. With Provoast Automation Controls’ mechatronic automation solutions, it is now possible.

Provoast Automation Controls – Knows Electronic Automation

  • We represent world leaders in the electronic automation controls industry. Many of the companies that we represent are driving the technological advancements mentioned above.
  • Components to work with just about every Bus system protocol used in industrial mechatronic automation, such as Profibus, Profinet, Ethercat, etc.
  • Local inventory of products to support your needs, ranging from terminal blocks, relays, push buttons, sensors, power supplies, and cables (for all types of components) to motors, drives, Bus nodes, touch screens, and PLCs.
  • Factory trained sales engineers to help develop not only the best solution for your application but also the most cost effective one.

Our factory trained sales engineers will work with you in a consultative manner to develop the best electronic component solution for your application. Not only do we have “Best in Class” mechatronic automation components, we also have the expertise to put it all together. Contact Provoast Automation Controls today for more info.
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