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There are a lot of different components that go into the control of a modern industrial manufacturing machine.  There is almost always a centrally located electrical enclosure that will house and protect the “brains” of the machine from the environment and for safety purposes.  These enclosures come in all different sizes and materials depending on what you are protecting and the environment that they live in.  Inside these enclosures you will find the terminal blocks, relays, fuses, motor starters, power supplies, PLC’s, drives, and all the other components that are necessary to operate your equipment.  You will also need to have all of the  accessories to get your electrical wiring outside the enclosure and then out to the various valves, sensors, push buttons, touch screens, light towers, etc that are used to control the operations and interface with operators.
Provoast Automation Controls handles all of the electrical components necessary to make your machine run properly and to give you the feedback necessary to most efficiently manufacture your products. 

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Machine Control

  • Large inventory of electrical machine control components.
  • Ability to make push buttons and indicator lights in the configuration that you need from our inventory.
  • Enclosures of all sizes and materials.
  • Programming software that does not have annual licensing fees and is very cost competitive.
  • VFD drives that are easily programmed.  
  • Power supplies ranging from very small compact units to large high current packages.   DIN mountable.
  • Relays & opto-couplers to work with your PLC’s to drive higher amperage devices.
  • Terminal blocks that can be DIN mounted in various configurations. 

Real estate in control panels is precious so it is critical that the correct components are selected.  Our trained professionals keep up to date on the latest technology so they know the best way to package these components. Contact us for more information.
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