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The brains behind virtually all modern manufacturing machines are the Programmable Logic Controller.  The key to a successful machine design is to have a PLC that can be easily programmed, allow for expansion as necessary to increase the number of inputs and outputs it can control, be compact physically, be cost effective, and be extremely reliable in an industrial machine environment.  Idec PLC’s can meet all of your needs.  Their programming software is very inexpensive and there are no costly annual licensing fees like some of our larger competitors.   
Modern PLC’s need to be able to work with all of the Serial networking communication protocols, such as Modbus and Ethernet that are constantly changing.  Idec invests a lot of money in making sure that they can communicate with all of the devices in your network.  Some of the latest developments involve the combination of an HMI and PLC into a single package and the IDEC SmartAxis is a perfect example of this cost effective compact design.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows PLC’s

  • Programming IDEC PLC’s is extremely easy.  Their software is easy to learn and use.  There are no annual licensing fees associated with any IDEC software.
  • All of our PLC’s can be expanded to meet your machine requirements regardless of the number of inputs and outputs you need.
  • Want to remotely monitor a machine in real-time, make programming changes from a different location, or receive email alerts.  With our Idec PLC’s we can accomplish all of these tasks.
  • Thinking of upgrading your current system? Trying to keep your costs low? Provoast Automation Controls has the answers you’re looking for. Our Starter Kits include components built to work together to give you the most for your money.
Idec programming software is easy to learn and use but if you don’t have the time to do it yourself then we have partnered up with several programming specialists who can do the job for you.  Let us come look at our project and we can get the programming done for you.  Contact us for more information.
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