Motion Control in Electronic Automation

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    Delta Servo
  • Ballscrews
Motion Control is an important part of the automation process. Motion control includes [but is not limited to] pneumatic, electromagnetic or Mechatronics which can include servo, stepper or other motorized systems on ball screw. Along with these components, we can supply with many of accessories or accompanying items such as sensors for verification, wiring, and enclosures for the safety of persons and equipment.
In all Motion Control applications, a controller will be found in the form of a PLC [Programmable Logic Controller] or PAC [Programmable Automation Controller]. While today the capabilities of the two are more similar than ever, some are more suitable for certain applications. For simplicity, PLC’s tend to handle large amount of I/O better while PAC’s handle difficult mathematical calculations better.
The highest level of precision and most difficult applications are typically achieved with servo driven ball screw actuators using complex controllers. However, servos can be used to run belt driven actuators as well as rollers [for precise linear displacement] and more.
Stepper motor technology is similar to servos but work in an Open-loop format and their speeds tend to be limited compared to servos.
In today’s technology, communications has become an increasingly important feature allowing different manufacturers equipment to communicate with each other.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Motion Controls:

  •  They will have PLC’s or PAC’s at the core of their control.
  •  Can be driven by Servo, Stepper, DC, VFD or other motor technology.
  •  Can run ball screw, lead screw, belt, roller, pulley and timing belt and other technology.
  •  Communicate with other I/O to run valves, sensors, position feedback, etc.
  •  Communicate easily with other motion controllers through EtherCat, Ethernet, Device Net,  
     Profibus, Sercos and many more.
  •  Integrate with current or new equipment.
  • Can use an HMI [Human Machine Interface] or MMI [Machine Man Interface] to allow a user to change, get data, or view settings of a controller.
  • Large inventory of Motion Control components readily available.

Allow us to help you achieve your goals with our expertise of the motion control world. With a wide variety of products, we can help most customers from small projects to the redevelopment of new systems just contact us.
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