AC/DC Motors for Motion Control

  • 1055 Cover motors
  • Washgaurd SST
    Washgaurd SST
  • 3 Phase C Face Motor
    3 Phase C Face Motor
Provoast Automation Controls offers a full line of A.C. and D.C. motors ranging from small to large along with the necessary controls such as VFD’s and drives.  Motors are used for a wide variety of automation applications.  For example, they can provide the means to move conveyor belts, operate pumps, cool facilities, and in the D.C. version to provide the force for electric actuators.   If you need precision control then our line of Stepper and Servo motors can satisfy your application needs.
Improving the energy efficiency of motors is one of the driving aspects for the motor industry.  In the United States the operation of electric motors accounts for approximately one quarter of the electricity used and if you look at the manufacturing segment specifically the number increases to approximately three quarters.  The motor manufacturers that we represent – Leeson, Delta, and Sanyo Denki are all investing a great deal of money in developing higher efficiency motors and using their motors can save your company money.
In addition to the motor for your application we can also provide the gear drives and gear reducers to convert your motor’s output to the torque and speeds that are necessary for your application.  We also carry a full line of motor control systems whether VFD controllers, motor starters, remote keypads, dynamic braking kits, and PLC’s.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows AC/DC Motors for Motion Control

  • The Leeson “Duck” series of motors are single phase wash down motors that are some of the most cost effective in the industry.  We can give you long life at a good price.  The Duck series is USDA and FDA approved.
  • Leeson maintains a large stock of motors in Southern California so we can deliver product to you quickly.
  • Delta makes a full range of stepper and servo motors for your electric actuator applications.
  • Motors ranging from Fractional horsepower up to 500 HP in a variety of mounting configurations.
  • Standard NEMA frame sizes available
  • Large inventory of motors in Southern California for quick deliveries.
We can cross over many competitor motors that may not be performing up to your standards.  Give our professional staff a part number and see if we can save you some money or give you better performance. Contact us.
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