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Modern machinery makes heavy use of ball screws and linear guides to meet the motion profiles necessary.  Ball screws work with stepper and servo motors and convert the rotary motion of the motors into linear positioning.  These devices can operate at high speeds and handle high loads.
Linear guides are intended to support loads while allowing free movement in one plane.  They utilize guide rails and bearings that consist of different materials and mechanisms.  The bearings may be roller bearings, cross roller bearings, and high tech composite materials.  Selecting the correct configuration depends on the application details and the environment that they need to work in. 
Ball Screws, Linear Guides, and Rails are all used frequently when creating electrical motion solutions.  Linear Guides and Rails can also be used in conjunction with pneumatic and hydraulic linear actuators.  Many times the tolerances required for an application will require the use of linear guides because the standard tolerances on pneumatic and hydraulic actuators simply are not tight enough.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Ball Screws and Linear Guides

  • Ball screws available in various leads, diameters and lengths readily available.
  • Linear guides and rails in various lengths and sizes readily available.
  • Engineering sizing software that you can use to document that the solution will work with the speeds, loads, tolerances, and cycle rates for a desired system life.  
  • Provoast Automation Controls represents a number of different manufacturers so we will have a solution to meet your needs.
  • Large inventory of products available to meet your project requirements.
Provoast Automation Controls can help you select the correct motion components and give you the engineering documentation to validate the solution. Contact us.
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