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  • Inner Drive Conveyor
  • Inner Drive Conveyor
    Inner Drive Conveyor
  • 250 Series End Drive Conveyor
    250 Series End Drive Conveyor
Conveyors are used in many areas of a manufacturing facility.  There are quite a few different types of conveyors ranging from gravity fed or powered roller types to belt conveyors.  We specialize in the low profile belt style conveyors that are popular in the product transportation and packaging areas in all types of manufacturing and QC Industries is the brand that we represent.
There are many factors that go into the proper selection of the conveyor for the application and our factory trained specialists can help you.  What size and how heavy is the item that is being transported?  How far and how fast do you need to move it?   Do you need to use the conveyor to change elevation either up or down?  Are you using the conveyor to regulate the flow of the product or do you need to “index” feed so that the conveyor moves a certain distance each time it activates?  Frictional characteristics of the belt can impact the life of the belt or could possibly damage the product being moved. 
If you are involved in the food industry then there are challenging environmental conditions that the conveyor needs to be able to perform in.   Daily exposure to harsh chemicals, used to sanitize the conveyor surfaces, require special modifications to the hardware, motors, controls, and belts.  QC Industries has conveyors to work under these conditions and also other challenging environments such as in Clean Rooms.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Conveyors for Manufacturing

  • The QC Industries AS40 belt conveyors are some of the easiest for changing a belt or cleaning under a belt.  The Tension Release tails have push buttons that release the tension on the belt and raise the belt up so you can clean the frame under the belt.  
  • QC Industries utilizes a crowned pulley drive which automatically causes the belt to center itself as it rotates.  This eliminates the timely belt adjustments used with many other belt conveyor manufacturers.
  • QC Industries InnerDrive conveyors utilize a very compact drive motor which is located inside the conveyor pulley.  This eliminates the large motor packages on the side of a conveyor and makes the whole profile only 2.54” tall.
  • QC Industries can make custom belts with features such as application specific cleats on the belt to hold product or possibly using ceramic magnets in the conveyor framework for moving ferrous parts.
  • QC Industries has a 5 year warranty on all of their conveyors which you can double to a 10 year warranty simply by registering your conveyor at
If you are using competitor’s low profile belt conveyors such as Dorner then give us a chance to quote you the QC Industries equivalent conveyor.   Contact us.
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