Drives and Drivers for Electronic Automation

  • Sanyo Denki Servo Amplifier
  • Sanyo Denki Stepper Motor
    Sanyo Denki Stepper Motor
  • Sanyo Denki Stepsys
    Sanyo Denki Stepsys
A driver, sometimes referred to as a servo amplifier, allows your PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) to communicate with servos or stepper motors.
Servo drivers take an analog signal from the PLC or PAC and create a voltage to the motor to provide mechatronic control of speed and direction. Each servo motor needs one servo drive. As mentioned in the servo section, a servo motor has a feedback device. This device, typically an encoder, is fed back to the driver but in some instance, can be fed back directly to the controller.
The stepper motor driver or amplifier, for the sake of motion control, sends out a pulse and direction. For example, a driver can be set to Full Step (200 steps/rev), Half Step (400 steps/rev), or Microstep (from 1000+ steps/rev). For example, in a full step system, if your PLC produced 200 steps, the motor shaft would rotate exactly 360 degrees. This can be converted into precise linear or rotary motion.
By themselves, drivers are considered “dumb” mechatronic components, but can have indexing or full blown controllers in combination. This could eliminate or significantly reduce the requirement of the PLC, PAC or other controller.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Drivers:

  • Servo driver that can control a servo motor with an analog signal.
  • Stepper driver that could send a pulse and direction to a stepper motor.
  • Drivers can be implemented with other brand PLC, PAC or controllers.
  • Drivers with communication such as EtherCAT, Ethernet, Sercos, Device Net, etc.
  • Can have indexer or full blown controller features.
  • Large inventory of product in Southern California for prompt delivery.
Mechatronic drivers are typically sized with a motor to achieve the right electrical features. We have the capabilities to ensure that you are being sized with the right driver/amplifier. Typically, if you have an old servo or stepper motor or driver that needs replacement, we can help by sizing a new package. That package will typically include the motor and the driver for either technology. Contact Provoast Automation Controls for assistance.
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