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One of the most exciting areas of development is in the field of linear and rotary electric actuators. Historically, electric linear actuators were expensive and were unable to generate adequate forces for many industrial applications. In recent years, the prices of these electric actuators—also known as mechatronic actuators—have been coming down and their capabilities have been growing exponentially.
Both PHD and Bimba have been investing heavily in the development of electric actuators and there are a wide variety of actuator configurations available.
The advantage of electric actuators over traditional pneumatic and hydraulic actuators is their ability to control force and position precisely while providing continuous feedback. This feedback is utilized in the modern production process to verify that quality is being maintained and documented.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Linear and Rotary Electric Actuators

  • Provoast Automation Controls has electric actuators ranging from the small to the large to meet your application needs
  • PHD’s “Your Motor, Your Way” allows you to use whatever motor brand you prefer to control all of your PHD Plus products.
  • Bimba’s Original Line Electric Actuator is a very compact unit based on the pneumatic Original Line cylinders that you are probably familiar with. Bimba makes it simple to install by providing the electric actuator, motor, encoder and driver for a plug and play application.
  • Our electric actuators are available with both ball screw and lead screw technology to best match your application requirements.  
  • Guided configurations available for those applications where you need greater moment loads.
  • Electric actuators with design features to allow them to operate in even the harshest environments, like wash down food production lines.
  • Sizing software to help you select the proper unit for your application requirements.
We have demo units available for both PHD and Bimba so we can demonstrate their capabilities for you in person. Contact Provoast Automation Controls to schedule an appointment with one of our sales professionals.


We have Demo units available for both PHD and Bimba so we can demonstrate their capabilities in person for you.  Schedule an appointment with one of our sales professionals. Contact us.
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