Servo Motors for Motion Control

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    Sanyo Denki Servo
Servo motors are at the essence of the Motion Control world. Servo motors allows us to achieve precise motion [both rotary and linear]. A servo motor will be controlled by a PLC, PAC or some other version of a controller and will have a feedback device. That is to say, some sensor [encoder, resolver, etc.] that will allow the controller to know it’s position at all times.
Rotary servo motors make up the bulk of servo sales. These motors, as their name suggests, create a rotation motion that is mechanically changed into linear motion [in most cases] using ball screws, belt and pulley, mating rollers [automated feed], rack and pinion and the list goes on and on. Unlike all other motor technology, this motor must use an incremental or absolute encoder, resolver or other feedback device.
Linear servo motors use a similar wiring/electrical scheme but instead of using a rotary motor with a mechanical device, create a linear motion. Higher speeds and accuracies can be achieved but the lack of a mechanical device can make these items more difficult to implement.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Servo Motors:

  •  High Torque, High Speeds can be achieved.
  •  Will be implemented with a driver and controller.
  •  Will use a incremental or absolute encoder/feedback device.
  •  Can be used with planetary gear boxes for higher torques.
  •  Availability of AC and DC motors, each has its benefits for certain applications.
  •  From 17mm in diameter to 400mm in diameter, we have the right motor for you.
  • Apex Dynamics is world leader in the manufacture of Servomotor planetary gearboxes.
  • Large inventory in Southern California for quick deliveries.
With our four lines of servos, we can meet your needs: from linear to rotary. The different versions of motors also allow us to apply the right motor technology for your application. Just contact us today if you have any questions. Allow us to help you achieve your goals as soon as possible.
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