Stepper Motors for Motion Control

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    Sanyo Deink Stepsys ESL
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    stepper motor
Stepper motors are similar to servos in that they will require a driver and/or indexer to give a stepper motor a pulse and direction [the most common way to drive a stepper motor]. This signal of a pulse and direction is typically generated from a PLC, PAC or other device that can produce a step [or pulse] and direction.
Our steppers can be run in full step, half step or Microstep and we have both Unipolar and Bipolar type stepper motors.   We offer both standard and hybrid laminate steppers from NEMA 11 to NEMA 42 or metric sizes.
Encoders can be added to most steppers, assuming that the indexer/drive can handle the encoder feedback. Keep in mind that this does not make this a servo motor. We do offer two new stepper/servo hybrid packages that offer some of the higher end results of a traditional servo but at a cost closer to the traditional stepper motor package. These can have feedback devices but tend to work at the lower speed count.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Stepper Motors

  •  From NEMA 11 to NEMA 56.
  •  Metric size motor offering.
  •  Hybrid or standard style.
  •  Encoder or brake options.
  •  Step [pulse] and direction.
  •  Full, Half or Microstep resolution.
  •  Unipolar or Bipolar [4, 6, or 8 leads] running in series or parallel.
  •  High torque at lower speeds.
  • We have the engineering capabilities to help you design your stepper motor system and help you select the best components.
  • Large inventory of stepper motors and controls readily available in Southern California for prompt delivery.
Stepper motors are a low cost way to produce motion control, even precise motion control. Many steppers are used in engraving equipment and can produce complex moves with a cost effective package. Allow us to show you options for your project today. Contact us.
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