Variable Frequency Drives

  • C2000 M VFD
  • VFD-B M
    VFD-B M
  • VFD-E M
    VFD-E M
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) are used to control motor speed of A.C. motors.  Their purpose is to allow you to precisely match the motor output to the application requirements.   They do this by controlling the speed and torque of the motor in addition to handling any increased load situation so that the motor isn’t damaged.  Not only can they improve the performance of your machine but they can also save energy costs which becomes more and more important these days as power costs continue to rise.
Common applications where a VFD would be used are to control conveyor belt speed, fan speed, and pump output.  The idea of a VFD is to give you the flexibility to match the optimum speed and torque output of any A.C. motor to give you the best performance and only use the energy that you need for the application.  Programming the VFD is a simple process and they communicate with your PLC or most Fieldbus systems.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Variable Frequency Drives

  • The Delta CH2000 series of AC motor drives is designed to meet heavier loads and larger starting torque for heavy industrial applications.  For example up to 150% of rated current for 60 seconds and up to 200% of rated torque.
  • The Delta C2000 is a general purpose VFD that is extremely reliable, easily maintained, will support a variety of Fieldbus protocols, and is very cost effective.
  • Our drives comply with global safety standards such as UL, CE, and cUL.
  • Local engineering support to help you program your drive units and select the optimum package.
  • Large inventory of Variable Frequency Drives in Southern California to meet your delivery requirements.
Programming a VFD is a fairly simple process but our sales professionals and local factory support can help make sure that you get the optimum performance on your automated equipment. Contact us.
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