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In many manufacturing facilities there are applications where the potential exists for employees to be exposed to dangerous situations if they venture into areas where equipment is operating.  The solution to this problem is to use either mechanical guarding such as aluminum extrusion with metal mesh or some type of panel materials.  The other solution is to use electronic components such as Light Curtains – also known as Safety Curtains – and area scanners. 

At Provoast Automation Controls we can help you with either solution.
Leuze is one of the largest manufacturers of Safety Curtains in the world.  They have solutions to meet the requirements of any application whether it requires protection from entry of a person into a production area or entry of a finger into a machine where injury could occur.  Light curtains can be programmed to work in environments where product is moving through them but they won’t allow an employee to bypass them.   Area scanners can be programmed to allow varying stages of protection.  For example, they can warn when an employee is about to enter a potential danger area without shutting down an operation.  If an individual continues past a certain threshold then the machine will be shut down.
In addition to the actual light curtains, we have several sources for safety relays which will work to ensure the safe operation of your equipment.  A system is not truly safe without the use of these specialized relays with redundancy built in.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Light Curtains and Safety 

  • Light curtains available in lengths up to 3000 mm. (10 feet) and resolutions from 14-90 mm.
  • Protective tube enclosures for light curtains for those applications in food production where they will be exposed to wash down chemicals.
  • Single light beam safety devices are compact units that can provide protection in confined spaces.
  • Large inventory of safety products available to meet your project requirements. 
Light curtains are used to provide protection for your employees but different applications require various resolution levels.  Our trained Project Engineers can make sure the correct components are selected.  Contact us.
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