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Machine safety is a critical component in your manufacturing facility.  It is important that your employees not be injured by the automated equipment that they are working around.  There are a variety of components to accomplish this ranging from sophisticated light curtains to simple emergency stops (e-stops) and Safety Switches also known as Interlocks.  An e-stop is a device that will shut down the power source to a machine in an emergency.  It is usually located in the same area that the machine operator is located.  Safety switches are devices that will shut down machine operation should a potential for injury occur.  For example, if an employee was to open a machine door to gain access where mechanisms might be moving during operation then the switch would cause the machine to stop.  
The Safety Code requirements, such as EN418, are continually being changed so it is important that you purchase Emergency Stop buttons and Safety Switches from reputable companies that are investing in the R&D to make sure that their components comply.  Both Idec and Pizzato are companies that take safety seriously and make sure that their products meet all of the latest requirements. 

Provoast Automation Controls Knows E-stops and Safety Switches

  • Idec makes Estop switches in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.   
  • Idec’s new X6 series of Estops are designed with a “smooth” design which is ideal for food applications and medical applications where cleanliness is important.
  • Pizzato’s SR series and ST series utilize coded magnetic sensors and RFID coded sensors respectively which eliminate the potential of somebody bypassing the interlocks by use of a simple magnet.   Both of these utilize non-contact technology.
  • Large inventory of Estops and Safety Switches readily available. 
The best way to ensure that your machine is safe is to tie your safety switches and door interlocks into the proper safety relays.  We can help make sure this is done properly. Contact us.
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