Laser Scanners for Safety

Laser Scanners
Laser scanners are used in a variety of applications.  They might be used for safety applications as area scanners, measuring scanners, or for positioning of product and equipment.   These devices are easily set up and can provide either analog or digital output signals for feedback to your control system.  These devices are very precise and can measure accurately over small or even large distances up to 65 meters away.
3D sensors can provide contour readings by measuring parts that are moving by the sensor or by mounting the sensor and moving it by the part.
Area scanners are a type of safety scanner that monitors employee entry into an area rather than simply crossing a beam.  These scanners can be programmed to allow area into certain areas under certain conditions.  They can also be used to provide warning that an employee is about to enter a potentially dangerous area.  For example, if an employee starts to enter an area where further entry could become an issue the scanner would send an output that might turn on an indicator light or possibly an audio warning but the machine operation would continue.  If the employee continued moving into the restricted area, then once past a certain point the machine operation would be turned off so injury couldn’t occur.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Laser Scanners

  • Leuze’s forked measuring sensor is easily setup with no alignment issues.  It has resolutions down to 0.014 mm and jaw widths of either 27 or 100 mm.
  • Leuze’s positioning sensor works in conjunction with either a laser sensor and reflector or a barcode reader that reads a bar code tape.
  • Leuze’s area scanners are easily programmed and can work with any PLC control system.
  • Large inventory of laser scanners readily available. 
Lighting conditions can impact the performance of some distance measuring sensors.  We carry accessory lines of lighting systems to help get the most accurate solution for your application. Contact us.
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