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Modern manufacturing processes couldn’t exist without the use of sensors and vision systems to monitor processes and ensure quality.  They are critical in “error proofing” assembly processes.  We represent some of the world’s “Best-In-Class” sensor product lines – Balluff and Leuze who both make a broad range of sensor and vision products.  In addition to Balluff and Leuze our actuator manufacturers all provide magnetic proximity sensors for use with their actuators.
Sensors work by sending a signal when a certain condition exists and this signal is used by the PLC to control the machine’s processes.  The initiating condition might be the presence of metal, a break in an infrared light beam when a part passes by, an infrared or laser light reflecting off of a target, or a density change sensed by an ultrasonic sensor.  Magnetic sensors detect the presence of a magnet and are frequently used with pneumatic and hydraulic actuators to indicate cylinder rod position.  Mechanical sensors are generally used as limit switches on devices that are physically moving.
Vision systems can be very complex or they can be much simpler “vision sensors” that are ideal for error proofing your manufacturing process.  Provoast Automation Controls represents both Balluff and Leuze who both make these products.  The Balluff Sharpshooter system and the Leuze LSIS 400i smart cameras are easily programmed to recognize good parts from bad.  These devices can reliably measure, inspect, and read barcodes of your products as they move through the manufacturing process.  We can demonstrate the capabilities of both of these products at your facility.    

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Sensors & Vision for Electronic Automation

  • Bimba’s Intellisense sensor is a breakthrough product that allows you to monitor the performance of your critical pneumatic actuators and let you know when it is time to perform preventative maintenance.   
  • Balluff’s capacitive sensors are direct drop in replacements for the Efector units that are commonly used in plastic injection molding machines.
  • Balluff’s Global Line of sensors is very economically priced to compete on the world market.
  • Balluff’s pressure sensors can give precise output readings in pressure ranges up to 250 bar (3675 psi).  Output can be 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC.  
  • Large inventory of sensors available for prompt delivery.

Selecting the best sensor for an application can be a challenge.  Let us give you a hand so you can optimize your machine’s performance.  Contact us.
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