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Modern manufacturing makes use of sophisticated bar code readers and RFID systems to track product whether starting out at the individual component level, sub-assembly, to the packaging department and lastly keeping track of what is going out the door in shipping.  The Bar Code readers that we represent are robust and reliable whether mobile hand held units or stationary units that will mount on your manufacturing equipment.
RFID (Radio Frequency Indentification) systems utilize tags and scanners to track product or assets such as dies and tooling.   One potential application would be to use an RFID tag system to maintain the critical information for a piece of tooling.  This information might include things such as part number, number of cycles on the tooling, last maintenance date, etc.  Balluff’s Industrial RFID include all of the data carriers, housings, and read/write heads.  

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Bar Code Readers

  • Leuze Bar Code readers are available in a number of connection methods.  These include wireless connections through Blue Tooth, RJ41, or USB.
  • Leuze has three versions of hand held readers – touch readers, an economical series, and their IT3800 series.   
  • Balluff’s Engineering Services division can help you design your RFID systems to give you the best return on your investment.  
  • Leuze’s Stationary bar code readers can operate at the high speed’s necessary to meet your production requirements.
  • Large inventory of bar code readers readily available to meet your project requirements. 
Selecting the correct components for either Bar Code reader systems or RFID systems can be challenging.  Provoast Automation Controls has the demo equipment necessary to show you the value of our solutions in your facility.  If your requirements are more stringent than we can demonstrate at your site then both Balluff and Leuze can prove out the solution using samples provided by you and give you a detailed report verifying the validity of their solution. Contact us.
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