Machine Vision for Electronic Automation

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  • Sensopart Visor Vision System
    Sensopart Visor Vision System
  • Leuze Area Scanner
    Leuze Area Scanner
Modern manufacturing automation processes make extensive use of machine vision systems.  These devices on one hand are getting more and more sophisticated but there is also a lot of investment being made to develop low cost solutions for those applications that do not need the capabilities of a full blown camera system.  In automation applications, many times you need to “locate” a part so it can be manipulated into the correct physical orientation for the next step.  An example might be a case where parts are coming down a conveyor assembly line to a robot station that needs to pick up the part, orient it, and then load it onto a fixture to be machined.  Quality inspection, also known as Error Proofing, is also a very common application for these industrial imaging components.   
Vision systems can be very complex or they can be much simpler “vision sensors” that are ideal for error proofing your manufacturing process.  Provoast Automation Controls represents both Balluff and Leuze who each make these products.  The Balluff SHARPSHOOTER® system and the Leuze LSIS 400i smart cameras are easily programmed to recognize good parts from bad.  These devices can reliably measure, inspect, and read barcodes of your products as they move through the manufacturing process.      

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Machine Vision

  • One of the key components of any vision application is the lighting.  Provoast Automation Controls can provide you with the necessary lighting accessories to make sure your system is reliable.
  • The factories that we represent can take samples of your product and verify that the components we recommend are up to the task and provide you with an engineering report to document it.
  • We have the hardware to mount the cameras easily onto your manufacturing equipment without the need to build a costly monitoring station.
  • Large inventory of machine vision products readily in inventory for rapid delivery.
The Balluff SHARPSHOOTER® and the Leuze LSIS series are Vision Sensors that can be utilized to error proof your manufacturing processes.  We can demonstrate these versatile products in your facility. Contact us.
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