Lutze Systematic Technolgy

Lutze Systematic Technolgy
Lutze is a world leader in the design and manufacture of cables and accessories for the automation industries.  Many automation applications demand more from the cables then just getting electricity from one point to another.  Control cables need to be shielded from stray EMF signals and many times they are subjected to constant flexing associated with the movement of machine mechanisms.  Lutze also manufactures an extensive line of industrial Network and BUS cables which are used with BUS communication systems that control your machines.  Lutze manufactures both shielded and unshielded for motor power supply and controls.  Their shielded cables are ideal for use with VFD’s & Servo Drives where it is critical that stray signals be eliminated.  Lutze has a variety of cable products that are designed to be flexible for those applications where the cable is riding in a C-track or flexing with the machine operation.
Lutze maintains a large inventory of product in the U.S. and unlike many of their competitors, they can provide the cable in the exact lengths that you need for your project. 
With an extensive product line and support of a global network, Leuze never lets our customers down. Contact us to receive more information or a request a free quote.
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