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Pneumatic systems have been used in the automation process almost from the beginning of industrial automation.  Directing and controlling the proper flow of air into any pneumatic system is instrumental to optimum machine performance and output.
Provoast Automation Controls is your “Best in Class” supplier of name brand pneumatic automation components.  These include the filters, regulators, and lubricators you need to prepare the air to the valves that direct the air to the actuators and clamps that do the work.  We also maintain a large inventory of all the accessories that you need to build a system such as fittings, tubing, flow controls, ball valves, mufflers, vacuum generators and vacuum cups, safety couplers, pressure switches, and a full line of essential actuators and valves.

Provoast Automation Controls Specializes in Pneumatic Automation, Including:

  • A full line of sizes and configurations ranging from the smallest to the largest pneumatic components.
  • Quality components from the best pneumatic component manufacturers in the world.  
  • Many products in stock and ready for immediate delivery.  We maintain a large inventory locally.
  • Technical consultation to find the right solution for your application.  We can help you optimize your pneumatic system and select the right components for the job whether you are starting with a blank page or working with an existing machine that isn’t performing as well as you need it to.
Readily available to visit with you at your facility.  More and more of our competitors are moving to an internet business relationship with you.  Their approach is to put their product lines online and then leave it up to you to pick what you need.  Our approach is to meet with you to learn what your issues are and use our expertise to develop the solution that will give the best performance and ultimately the most profit for your business.

We have diagnostic tools that would allow us to troubleshoot your existing components at your facility and leave you with a detailed report as to how the solutions we recommend will improve your productivity.  This may mean less machine down time or possibly allow your machines to run with more throughput.  Using our CPR® software we can actually put a dollar amount on the value of our solution which will allow you to know the return on investment payback period.  Just contact us to arrange a demonstration.
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