Grippers & Clamps for Pneumatic Automation

  • Grippers & Clamps
Grippers and Clamps are used to hold the product on a machine while some secondary operation is being done to it or it is being moved to another location on the machine.  This might be a Pick & Place operation where the product is moved from one work station to another or it might be a sheet metal application to hold the metal during the bending or stamping process.  Provoast Automation Controls carries lines of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric grippers and clamps.
Grippers tend to be smaller and more precise than clamps which are typically used where higher forces are necessary.  Gripper movement is usually either Parallel or Angular but there are specialty types of grippers such as 3 jaw grippers and pinch valves.  Clamps come in several types ranging from 2 jaw clamps to arm over clamps and twist clamps to handle a wide variety of work holding applications.      

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Grippers and Clamps

  • Clamps that can generate up to 500 pounds of clamping force and come in a wide variety of jaw configurations.
  •  Swing Arm Clamps in a variety of sizes for your work holding applications.
  •  Grippers available in both parallel and angular jaw designs.
  •  Grippers that range in bore sizes from a miniature compact 6 mm bore to a 63 mm bore size that can generate up to 1600 pounds of grip force.
  •  Clamps and Grippers that can be customized to best fit your application requirements.
PHD makes a number of grippers that are drop in replacements for competitor units.  We can generally offer you a longer life unit with faster delivery than our competitors.  If you want to see if they have a replacement for your Gripper, than give just contact us or give us a call at any of our offices.
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