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Filters are devices to remove contamination from your compressed airline system.  This contamination might be in the form of particulates, liquid, or vapors and can come from a number of different sources such as rust in pipes, compressor oils, and water from condensation that are carried downstream. 
Different applications require different levels of air quality.  Filters use elements that will remove various sizes of dirt particles.  Standard pneumatic components require typically a 40 micron filter while applications where the air may be blowing on product might require the use of a coalescing filter element which removes particles down to 0.01 micron.  Adsorber elements will remove oil vapor and odors for the most stringent applications.
Filter packages are available in modular designs that allow you to design a compact assembly that will take up less real estate on your machine.  Typically these units mount together and allow you to bring unfiltered air in one side and you get air filtered down to the appropriate level out the other side without using pipe fittings to connect them.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Filters

  • Filters ranging in size from 1/8”NPT to 2”NPT and Metric.
  • Filters to remove contaminants down to 0.01 micron levels.
  • Filters to remove water and oil from the airlines.
  • Replacement elements available for Watts & Master Pneumatic filters.
  • Very cost effective units in small modular configurations to save you space and cost.
  • Large quantity of Filters in our inventory in our warehouse to meet your needs.
The air preparation companies that we represent such as Bimba, Mead, Master Pneumatics & Watts make some of the most efficient water removal filters in the industry.  If you would like to see a demonstration of this then we can visit your facility to show you to difference between our products and our competitors just contact us.
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