Electric Actuators for Pneumatic Automation

  • Electric Actuators
The future of machine design is moving towards utilizing Electric Actuators because of the greater control of force, speed, & position that these actuators can provide.  The developments being made in this area are some of the most exciting in the automation industry.  Bimba & PHD are investing heavily in the creation of electric versions of virtually all of their traditional pneumatic devices.  These include linear actuators, clamps, grippers, slides, linear motors, and rotary devices. 
In addition to the electric actuators themselves, we can also provide the necessary controls for your application.  For example, the control drives, HMI’s, sensors, PLC’s, and sensors that are necessary for sophisticated applications.  All of these components and actuators can operate in Serial communication systems such as DeviceNet, Profibus, and many other protocols. 

Provoast Automation Controls – Knows Electric Actuators

  • Actuators that have a variety of motor types and mounting options.  With PHD Inc. we can configure the actuator to take any brand of motor that you are using. (Your Motor, Your Way).
  • Actuators that can provide you with the feedback necessary for the control in your application.
  • Actuators that come with a variety of bearing types to provide greater precision and load carrying capabilities.
  • Actuators that come as a complete kit – including the controls to operate them.
  • Actuators that can be customized to best meet your application requirements.  This includes the capacity to match an existing competitive product that is either not readily available, too costly, or not lasting long enough.
A system using Electric actuators is extremely flexible and provides a great degree of control and feedback.  Look at our Machine Control and Motion Control sections in our website for the necessary components to help control your electric actuators or just contact us and we will help get you what you need.
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