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Fittings are one of those products that not many people spend much time thinking about but every compressed air system uses them.  We represent several of the largest fitting manufacturing companies in the world and they have spent many years thinking about what makes their fittings so reliable so you don’t have to think about it.  Legris invented the push to connect fitting many years ago and they and Camozzi are two of the best in the world when you consider performance, quality, and price.  In addition to push to connect fittings, we have miniature barb fittings, basic pipe fittings, industrial quick disconnects, plastic fittings, and compression fittings so whatever your application we can help you.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Fittings for Pneumatic Automation

  • Fittings in a wide range of sizes and configurations available including Metric ports.  
  • Fittings in a variety of materials including brass, plastic, nickel plated brass, and stainless. steel to meet the application and environmental requirements that they will be exposed to.
  • Fittings for liquids & compressed air or compressed gases.
  • Custom fittings available for those unusual requirements.   
  • We can create fitting “kits” to help your assembly process.
  • Large quantity of fittings of all types in our inventory to meet your needs.
Don’t forget to think about the fittings that you will need for your project.  Many times these are left for the last minute and sometimes you are scrambling to jury rig some kind of solution to make all of the parts fit together.  We will try to remind you when we help you specify the components for your project but if you are at the assembly stage and need some fittings in a hurry then just contact us.  With our large inventory we will likely be able to get you what you need immediately.
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