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The best way to control the speed of either a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator is through the use of a flow control on either the control valve or the actuator itself.  A flow control works by controlling the rate that you allow the exhaust air to escape out of the cylinder when you want to actuate it.  You generally use a knob or screw adjustment to set the rate of exhaust at the appropriate level for the speed that you want to achieve.  The slower the speed the lower the flow the further in you will turn the knob or screw.   To control the speed as accurately as possible, you will want to locate the flow control as close to the actuator as possible.  Most valves have flow control options but a flow control fitting mounted right in the actuator port will give you the best control.  Flow controls are directional and will have free flow in one direction and metered flow in the other.  Needle valves are very similar to flow controls but they meter in both directions.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Flow Controls and Needle Valves

  • Flow Controls and Needle Valves ranging in port sizes from #10-32 to ¾”NPT and in Metric.
  • Flow Controls and Needle Valves in inline and elbow configurations and with piped ports or push to connect for tubing.
  • Flow Controls & Needle Valves in various materials including brass, nickel plated brass, plastic, and stainless steel.
  • Large local inventory of Flow Controls and Needle Valves to meet your needs.
  • Proportional Flow Controls that can be controlled with electrical signals. 
In pneumatic systems, flow controls work well for controlling the speed of the actuator.  However, sometimes you need to have an actuator work at variable speeds throughout its stroke or you need to go extremely slow and a flow control does a poor job or simply won’t work in these situations.  If that is the case then give contact us and our trained technical salespeople will help engineer a solution that will work for you.
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