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Let’s face it, compressed air exhausting out a control valve or a relief valve can be extremely loud. At the very least, this is annoying; in the worst case, loud noise from a valve can damage hearing. The bigger the valve you use, the bigger the noise problem will be.  Mufflers and Silencers are designed to greatly reduce the noise of air exhausting while still maintaining the high flow necessary for the application.  Mufflers are usually made using some type of sintered material for the element – usually brass or plastic – to provide the muffling.  Silencers usually consist of some type of layered material – such as mesh and foam – contained in either a plastic or metal housing.  Silencers will typically do a better job of reducing noise than a muffler due to the larger surface area available to disperse the sound.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Mufflers & Silencers

  • Mufflers and Silencers in sizes ranging from #10-32  to 1” NPT ports and Metric.
  • Low profile breather vents in sizes ranging from #10-32  to 1” NPT ports and Metric.  
  • Mufflers and Silencers made from a variety of materials such as sintered bronze, plastic, or foam.
  •  Silencers especially designed for vacuum venturi pumps that require them to reduce noise but not restrict air flow.
  •  Small specialized silencers ideal for medical applications where exhaust noise from valves may disturb patients.
  • Large inventory of both silencers and mufflers in our warehouse so we will be able to meet your delivery requirements.
It is important when designing a machine to take into account the work environment of the people working around the machine.  Using mufflers and silencers is one way to ensure that the operators will not suffer hearing damage.  Give us a call and we can recommend the best solution for your application, or contact us.
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