Gauges for Pneumatic Automation

  • 200-BDD Gauge
  • Hi-vis Gauge
    Hi-vis Gauge
  • 31 Series Gauge
    31 Series Gauge
Gauges are used to give you a visual or digital output reading of the pressure being used for a machine application or your overall compressed air system.  In addition to pressure and vacuum gauges we also carry industrial temperature instrumentation products including thermometers and thermocouples.
The criteria used to select the proper gauge for an application includes such things as port size, mounting orientation – Lower Mount, Center Back Mount, or Panel Mount,  pressure range, oil filled or dry, and gauge face size.  In many cases the gauge will be located remotely from the regulator that is controlling the pressure it is reading such as on many machines where the gauges will be mounted in the area where the machine operator works.  Whenever a valve cycles the gauge needle will respond to the changing pressures.  In high cycle applications it is suggested that an oil filled gauge is used because the oil in the gauge will act to dampen the needles movement which results in a longer life.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Gauges

  • Gauges in sizes ranging from ¾” to 6” Diameters.
  • Gauges in a variety of mounting styles.
  • Gauges in a variety of pressure ranges and pressure units.
  • Digital gauges and gauges with electrical output capabilities.
  • Pressure snubbers are available that are basically small filter elements that mount onto the inlet of the gauge and the act to limit how fast the air is allowed to rush into the gauge.  This helps limit the impact of the pressure changes on the needle and therefore extend the life of the gauge.
  • Large quantity of gauges in our inventory in our warehouse to meet your needs.
The bigger the gauge face the more accurate you can read the pressure you are trying to control.  Select the biggest gauge that will fit in your package size if accuracy is important to the application.   If you want to see any samples or if you have any questions then just contact us.
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