Liquid Valves for Pneumatic Automation

  • Spartan 3505
  • Bullet Valve BV310
    Bullet Valve BV310
  • Spartan 3825
    Spartan 3825
Controlling liquid is different than controlling a compressed gas.  The liquid valves that we represent are designed to meet the special requirements necessary to provide reliable service and long life under these demanding conditions.  Obviously, when controlling liquid it is necessary that valves have either zero leakage or as close to it as possible.  Another factor is that liquid valves tend to face a much broader range of fluids that they need to survive than do most compressed air applications.  That means that liquid valves have a variety of seal materials such as Buna N nitrile, Fluorpolymer, EPDM, silicone, and others that will be compatible with the fluids you need to control.
To determine what rubber seals to use for a liquid application then we have provided a chemical compatibility chart from Spartan Scientific on our website.  Just follow this link to check it out.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Liquid Valves

  • Valves with a wide variety of operators both electrical and manual.
  • Valves in all functional configurations – 2-Way & 3-Way both Normally Closed and Normally Open, Selector, & Diverter.
  • Valves for a wide variety of liquids with a selection of seal material that is compatible.  
  • Valves with port sizes ranging from #10-32 to 2” NPT and in Metric.
  • Pressures up to 750 psi.
  • Valves that can work at extremely high speeds.
  • Valves that can be customized to best meet your application requirements.
  • Large quantity of liquid valves in our warehouse to meet your needs.
Our primary liquid valve line is Spartan Scientific, additionally MAC has released their Diaphragm Bullet Valve which is very versatile and is ideal for those OEM’s building machines that require precise control, high speed, or small package size.  Examples would be for the Medical & Print industries.  To learn more about the MAC Bullet Valve go to or contact us and we will arrange a demonstration.
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