Lubricators for Pneumatic Automation

  • BL380D-4C Lubricant
  • Servoil
  • BLD70 Lubricant
    BLD70 Lubricant

Delivering the proper amount of lubricating oil to the pneumatic components on a machine can extend their life which is important in high cycle applications.  There are two different types of lubricators – a common Mist type and a Displacement type. 
A general airline lubricator will dispense a metered amount of oil as the compressed air flows through it in the form of a mist.  The amount of oil that the pneumatic components on the machine see in this case can be quite variable and requires that a certain amount of air flow is required in order to extract the oil from the reservoir.  An injection lubricator will dispense a very precise amount through a tube directly to the inlet of the device that you want to lubricate.  Displacement type injection lubricators can be located much further away from the device that is being lubricated than is possible with general air line mist lubricators.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Lubricators

  • Lubricators in sizes ranging from 1/8”NPT to 1-1/2” NPT ports and Metric.
  • Wick lubricators available for those applications where there is high air flow and heavy lubrication is required.
  • The Master Pneumatic ServOil injection style lubricators in Single Point and Multi-Point configurations can deliver a precise amount of lubrication directly to the tool or actuator.
  • Lubricators available in modular designs that allow you to build assemblies of Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators to provide the proper air preparation for the application.
  • Bimba, Master Pneumatic, and Watts all provide reliable and economical lubricators for pneumatic systems.
  • Large quantity of lubricators in our inventory in our warehouse to meet your needs.
The Master Pneumatic Serv-Oil is an injection lubricator that allows you to deliver a very precise amount of oil to a device such as an air tool.  This will result in longer life and less repair costs for your air tools.  If you want to learn more about the Serv-Oil then just contact us.
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