Regulators for Pneumatic Automation

  • R100 4G Regulator
  • Series MC Pressure Regulator
    Series MC Pressure Regulator
  • R57M-2G Regulator
    R57M-2G Regulator
The proper use of regulators to control the pressure can extend the life of the actuators and mechanical mechanisms that they operate by controlling the force the actuator generates.  The use of regulators can save expensive compressed air by allowing you to use only the amount required to generate the force in the actuator necessary for the application.
Regulators are available in different pressure ranges and can be relieving or non-relieving depending on the application.  Precision regulators provide control down to the ¼ psi range and react quickly to maintain the desired pressure.  Our regulators are available in modular units that can be combined with Filters and Regulators or can be used in Stand Alone applications.  We also carry regulators for not only compressed air or gases but also liquid.
Energy savings is not something that you might normally associate with a pneumatic regulator but there can be significant energy savings gained by their use.  Many equipment manufacturers design their machines to operate at a specific pressure such as 80 psi.  However, there are many applications where a pneumatic actuator may need to 80 psi to generate the force to extend a load but on the retract stroke gravity will assist to return the load.  In this case adding a regulator to drop the pressure that the actuator sees for the retract stroke will reduce the amount of compressed air that is needed to be produced and therefore will result in electrical energy savings because the high horsepower air compressor will work less.   

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Regulators

  • Regulators available ranging from #10-32 to 2” NPT ports and in Metric.
  • Regulators that can provide the precision necessary down to 1/4 psi accuracy.
  • Regulators that come with a variety of mounting and gauge options.
  • Regulators that use variable electrical input to control the output pressure (MAC PPC’s).
  • Large quantity of FRL’s in our inventory in our warehouse to meet your needs.
One of the most common failure components on a regulator is the gauge.  For replacement gauges and for pressure snubbers to help extend the life of the gauge check out the Gauge & Accessories pages on our website or contact us if you have any questions.
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