Solenoid Valves for Pneumatic Automation

  • Bullet Manifold
  • Primary to remotestack
    Primary to remotestack
  • 44 Series SubD Valves
    44 Series SubD Valves
Solenoid operation of a valve is probably the most common method.  All of the manufacturers that we represent have been making solenoid valves for at least 25 years and some of them much more than that.  Since 1992 we have been helping our customers specify the right valve for their application.  All of our salespeople are factory trained and have a lot of experience in valve applications. 
With the product lines that we carry we can supply the right size valve for the application depending on flow requirements, control system available, and materials that will handle the gas or fluid you are trying to control.  We specialize in creating custom manifolds that will allow us to package the valves in as small a package as possible or in various configurations for your application.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Solenoid Valves

  • Valves in all functional configurations – 2-Way, 3-Way, and 4-Way.
  • Valves with a wide variety of control voltage and wattage.  Both AC & DC voltages.
  • Valves with a wide variety of electrical connectors.
  • Valves to work in all types of Serial Communication Systems – such as Device Net,    Profibus, EtherCat, etc.
  • Valves that can work at extremely high speeds – for example up to 400 hz.
  • Valves that can be customized to best meet your application requirements.
  • Valves for a wide variety of media – compressed air, gases, & liquids.  
  • Valves with port sizes ranging from #10-32 to 2-1/2”NPT and in Metric.
  • Large quantity of valves in our inventory in our warehouse to meet your needs.  If we don’t have it as a finished product already we can convert from our inventory to get you what you need.
With our TLD (Travelling Lab Demo) we can test any of our valves – or our competitors’ valves – in your application to prove that our solution is best.  This kit allows us to provide you with data to show valve response times, shifting forces, and flow in your actual application.  If you are interested in this service then just contact us and we will bring the TLD to your facility to conduct the testing in front of you and show you why our products are best.
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