Vacuum Systems for Pneumatic Automation

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Vacuum is used in many industrial applications to lifting and handling of parts as well as packaging applications such as removal of oxygen from packages in food applications.  There are several different methods of creating this vacuum.  For large volume requirements then this is typically done with electric regenerative blowers which can create both pressure and vacuum.    In cases where vacuum volumes are smaller, many applications utilize venturi vacuum generators which create vacuum using compressed air.  Venturi vacuum generators are a low cost solution for many packaging and manufacturing applications versus an electric vacuum pump.
One of the most common uses for vacuum in manufacturing is to operate vacuum cups.  These cups are used to pick up product such as semi-conductor chips, packaging materials, boxes, etc.  The amount of force that a vacuum cup can hold is determined by the diameter of the cup and the vacuum level that it is seeing.  Some applications, such as picking up porous materials like cardboard do not require high vacuum levels but they do require high flow because of the loss due to the porosity. 

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Vacuum Systems for Pneumatic Automation

  • Vacuum generators and regenerative pumps to fit a wide variety of flow and vacuum level applications.
  • Venturi generators that are maintenance free and do not clog in dirty environments.
  • Venturi generators that have integral pneumatic blow off functions.
  • Vacuum cups of all sizes and materials to handle your application whatever it might be.
  • Custom designed End-Of-Arm tooling for your material handling robots.

Selecting the correct vacuum generator and cup can be difficult if you do not have the necessary experience.  Our technical Salespeople have all been factory trained and can help you do it right.  If you would like to have one of them stop by and consult on your application then just contact us.
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