PAC Cylinder Sizer

Selecting the proper sized valve to meet the application requirements can be challenging at time.  Actuator manufacturers do not list a flow requirement in their catalogs that is necessary to operate them since there are so many variables in an application.  To further complicate the sizing question, valve manufacturers rate the flow of their valves by using a unit less number called Cv but nowhere will you find a cylinder manufacturer list what Cv is required to operate their products.  Cv is calculated using a lengthy formula but a general rule of thumb is that for every 1.0 Cv at 80 psi with a 10 psi pressure drop you will flow approximately 28 scfm or Standard Cubic Feet per Minute. 
Cylinder manufacturers commonly have sizing software on their websites that you can use and the actuator companies that we represent are no different.  PHD, Bimba, and TRD all have some of the best sizing software in the industry on their websites to help you do this and we certainly recommend that you visit them.   
The PAC Cylinder Sizer is a generic Excel spreadsheet that you can use to determine exactly what minimum Cv value you need to operate an actuator and it can be used with any brand of actuator.   By inputting your application parameters - such as length of stroke, bore size, rod size, input pressure, and cycle time – you can determine the minimum Cv required to be successful in the application and you can easily change input parameters to make sure that the valve is sized correctly for a range of parameters.  Click here to download the PAC Cylinder Sizer.
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