Valve manufacturers list their flow rating as Cv which is a unit less number that is basically intended to allow you to compare the flow of one valve to another.  For example, a valve with a Cv of 10 will flow ten times as much as a valve with a Cv of 1.0.  The actual flow output is impacted by factors such as the pressure you are operating at and the pressure drop across the valve depending on the device that you are operating in the application.
Many pneumatic devices list the flow required to operate them in a volume/time format.  For example, a vacuum generator may require a flow of 14 scfm (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) at a certain pressure to create the specified vacuum level.  The Paculator is a program that we created that will help you to determine the proper size valve that is needed to meet a specific flow requirement or vice verse what flow a given Cv value is equal to.  The Paculator allows you to change inputs such as Imperial or Metric units, pressure, and pressure drop depending on the application that you are trying to size.
The Paculator is a free “App” that you can download and put on your desktop.  Follow the link to download it to your computer.
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