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Vacuum is used in many industrial applications to pick up parts and hold them.  The most common use of vacuum in manufacturing is to operate vacuum cups.  These cups are used to pick up product such as semi-conductor chips, packaging materials, boxes, etc.  The amount of force that a vacuum cup can hold is determined by the diameter of the cup and the vacuum level that it is seeing.  Generally, the heavier the part that is being held then the larger the diameter necessary.
Vacuum cups come in a wide variety of styles and materials to best fit the application requirements.   There are three basic shapes for vacuum cups – flat, flat with cleats, and cups with bellows.  Flat cups work best for handling flat or slightly rounded parts, cups with cleats are meant for flexible or deformable pieces, and bellows cups are intended for spherical, cylindrical, or egg shaped parts.  Cup materials are generally nitrile, silicone, vinyl, and natural rubber and the application determines what rubber should be used.
In addition to cups, there are a variety of accessories that have special functions to match the application requirements.  These include vacuum filters, switches, silencers, holders with shutoffs, cup holding fittings, and complex tooling grippers.

Provoast Automation Controls Knows Vacuum Cups & Accessories

  • Coval makes a line of generic vacuum cups that are interchangeable with competitive brands such as Vi-Cas.
  • Coval’s Siton® cup material is a silicone-free high temperature material that will not leave a mark on parts.
  • Vacuum cups of all sizes and materials to handle your application whatever it might be
  • Provoast Automation Controls represents several manufacturers that can custom design End-Of-Arm tooling for your material handling robots.
Provoast Automation Controls has factory trained vacuum product specialists that can help you select the right components for your application.  Give us a call if you have vacuum cups in applications that aren’t performing the way you need them to and we will help solve your problems.  Contact us.
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