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Valve oscilloscope traces
We believe in showing our customers why our solutions and products are the best.  That is why we have spent a lot of money on demonstration units that allow us to match your application as closely as possible and leave you with the proof that we our components can perform as needed.  With your application parameters we can perform this testing either at our facilities or at yours.  In most cases we can generate the necessary data that you will need to finalize your design or improve the performance of your machine with confidence. 
For example, our TLD or Travelling Lab Demo unit allows us to hook up a valve to an actuator and give you a print out that will show you to the millisecond when your cylinder begins to move and when you have completed the stroke.  We can use the TLD to compare valve performance between MAC and our competitors or just to verify that we can operate at the necessary speed for the application whether actuating a cylinder within a certain time span or creating an air pulse to reject a product in sorting applications that can reach up to 120,000 cycles per minute.
To learn more about our capabilities or to make arrangements for specific application testing then just contact one of our professional Sales Engineers.
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